Is Your Church Sponsoring A Youth Conference?

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Does your church have a strong program for the youth, the teenagers that are part of your congregation? If so, are you part of a committee that is planning a youth conference soon? Perhaps you're holding the conference during spring break or during the summertime. From ordering purpose motivational jerseys to give to each person who attends the conference to arranging for inspiring workshops, here are some ideas that might help you to plan an enriching and memorable event that the participants will remember for a very long time.

Purpose Motivational Jerseys - Consider ordering purpose motivational jerseys for each young man and young woman who attends the youth conference. Purpose motivational jerseys are affordable and will be an excellent way to introduce the theme of the conference. For example, if you have chosen the theme like, I Can Do It The Lord's Way or The Bible Apostles Are My Heroes, you can order purpose motivational jerseys with the theme as part of the shirt's design. Think of the colors you want to use. Maybe purple which could represent the fact that, being Christians makes the youth members of a special kind of royalty. Another idea would be to order yellow jerseys and have the theme, I Can Be Sunshine To Others.

Get sizes for the motivational jerseys ahead of time. Consider asking two or three volunteers to be in charge of distributing the shirts on the first day of the conference so that the kids can wear the jerseys all day as a reminder of what the theme is.

Plan The Workshops - As you plan workshops that the youth will attend, make them a combination of fun, learning and goal setting. For example, have a work shop designed specifically for the young girls who will attend. Have speakers who represent great women of the Bible, women like Ruth, Esther and Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ. While the girls are in their own workshop, think of having another separate one for the guys who attend. For example, in the boy's workshop instructors could talk about the characteristics of each of the apostles in the Bible. 

Consider ending the youth conference by giving each participant a little token to remember the event and to remind them of the theme of the conference. For example, a book mark or a journal would both be very appropriate themes. Use the same wording on the little tokens as you did on the purpose motivational jerseys that the youth received at the beginning of the conference. And, invite them to wear their jerseys the next time you have a youth event.  

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