5 Easy Ways To Improve The Quality Of Your Thermal Images

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If an important part of your job includes taking clear thermal images, you need to make sure you know how to keep the quality of your images high. High-quality images will help you be more effective at your job. 

1. Make Sure the Batteries are Charged 

First, you need to make sure that the batteries are charged. You should never head out to take thermal images without having batteries in your camera that are fully charged and ready to go. It seems simple, but you are not going to get the best pictures you if you are worried about capturing the images before the batteries die.  

2. Calibrate the Camera 

Next, before you start taking pictures, you need to make sure your camera is calibrated. The process for calibrating a camera can vary greatly from one camera to the next, so check the operational manual for your thermal camera in order to determine what you need to do to calibrate your thermal camera. You need a thermal camera that is well calibrated before you start taking pictures.  

3. Back-Up Previous Pictures & Clear Space 

Before you go out to shoot new pictures, you need to make sure you have enough space. Transfer all of the images on the camera to a memory stick or to your computer before you head out to take new pictures. That way, you will not be limited in the number of pictures that you take.  

4. Pack Additional Equipment 

Additionally, you need to make sure that you bring all the right accessories that will allow you to get the pictures you need. For example, you may need a clamp meter or you may need a tripod for taking pictures. Make sure you bring the right extra equipment with you that will help you take the best possible pictures.  

5. Assess the Safety of the Situation before Taking Pictures 

Finally, before taking any pictures, you need to make sure you assess the safety of the situation before you take thermal pictures. You should never take pictures that could compromise your safety. If a situation is not safe, and you really need the picture, you are going to need to find a safe way to take the picture. That is where packing the right additional equipment comes into play.  

If you want to get high-quality thermal images, your camera needs to be ready. Having your camera ready will help ensure you get the high-quality images you need to do your job effectively.  

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